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Biblical Faith

Part 1

Luke 18:27     Mark 9:23    Rom. 12:3    Mark 11:22-24


I. Real Bible faith versus natural faith

            A. what is natural faith?

                        1. Something you believe in because of the information you received from your five physical senses.

                        2. Everyone who is human; believer or non believer has “natural faith”

            B. Information from your 5 physical senses produces knowledge.

                        1. Example: sitting in a chair

                        2. Natural faith gives you the confidence to sit in the chair.

            C. There is a time when your natural faith comes to an end.

            D. Natural human faith is limited.

                        1. When your 5 physical sense knowledge runs out your natural faith runs out.


II. There is a God kind of faith

            A. The God-kind-of-faith is unlimited and never runs out.

                        1. “as far as you can believe is as far as you can receive.”

                        2. “stretch your faith it won’t break.”

            B. Simple definition of faith = “God cannot lie!”

                        1. God says “believe my promises, I don’t lie!”

            C. When your natural faith runs out, you must crossover to supernatural Bible faith.


III. Abraham mimicked whom he believed (Rom. 4:13-16)

            A. Abraham called things that be not as though they were, because that’s how God operated.

            B. The God-kind of faith operates by calling those things that are not as though they were.

                        1. Call it done!!  it’s a done deal!!! 

                        2. Call yourself: saved, healed, delivered, revived, blessed and highly favored, because that’s what God Word says that you already are.

                        3. God’s Word is the Title deed to what you are expecting.


IV. Natural hope verses Bible hope (Acts 27:18-20)         

            A. Natural hope can come to an end.

            B. Abraham who against hope believed in hope  (Rom. 4:18)

            C. Against natural hope believed with a  Bible hope.

            D. Abraham’s hope was based on what God has said.

            E. Hope by itself will never deliver you; you have to have substance to your hope.

            F. What is hope?

                        1. Simply put:  it is expectation

                        2. It is the blueprint and image of what God’s Word is putting in you.

                        3. It is your pattern or plan.

                        4. It can be an anchor of your soul. (Heb. 6:13-20)

            G. Faith is the substance of things hopes for, faith will reach out and say it’s mine.

            H. Fear is the substance of things not desired.


V. If you are without Christ you are without God and without His promises; resulting in being without  hope. (Eph. 2:12)


Rom 15:13  Now the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, that ye may abound in hope, through the power of the Holy Ghost.