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“The Importance of Partnership and Association”
By Jonathan Doctor

    Partnership and Association is so very important to a Christian, It is a vital key to experiencing the same anointing, blessing and increase that is on the ministry you partner with. The same grace that is on a particular minister and ministry can be yours through partnership. When St. Paul declared “My God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus” he was not talking to every Christian and every church but only those in partnership with him and the ministry God has called him to. He then said “you are partakers of my grace”. Grace is anointing, gifts and blessings, Paul was generally saying “because you give to my ministry and help me as I do what God has called me to do, you too will have the same anointing, gifts and blessings, and My God shall supply All your need according to His riches in Glory by Christ Jesus“.

    We see this same principle in I Samuel chapter 30 as King David awarded the people who did not go and fight, but stayed home to protect the supplies. The people who stayed home received the same rewards, the same spoil as those who were on the front lines. By your support, through your prayers and your financial support of the ministers of the Gospel and their ministries on the front lines, you too can receive the same rewards, every soul won to Christ by a ministry you support will be just as you won them yourself.

    Partnership and Association is very important for those who are going into the ministry, whatever anointing you want to see work in your ministry can be yours by believing God for it through Association and Partnership.

    You may ask, “who do I partner with?” We should partner with those who brought the Gospel to us at first as well as those who teach us. 1 Corinthians 4:15-16 Paul says that we should support our spiritual fathers. Galatians 6:6 tells us to give to those who taught us. In Philippians 4:17 the principle is as we give to support a ministry we are actually making deposits in an heavenly bank account, and all the deposits in your account will bring a with drawl of blessings and Increase into your life. In Matthew 6:20 Jesus said to store up treasures in heaven where no one can steal it and the moths or rust cannot corrupt it.  

    We need to keep our commitments to partner with our spiritual fathers and the ministries that make a difference in this world for Christ. We should give to those who have taught us, and not forget where we came from. As Dr. Jerry Savelle says “In Texas we have a saying;  “dance with the one that brung you!” It saddens me to think of all the ministers and ministries that have been birthed through Kenneth E. Hagin’s ministry, church and school that are out there today who don’t give honor to Kenneth E. Hagin’s name. This example is all too often, and we need to remember who our daddy is, who discipled us, taught us, birthed us.
    I believe as you get a revelation of Partnership and Association you will change that, and commit or re commit to partner with a ministry that has taught you, that has brought you to Christ. You will also experience the many blessings, anointing and increase in your life. The same grace that is on those on the front lines will be on you, you will share the spoil of the enemies camp and triumph in victory on your adventures in faith.