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Healing Truths

A Christian can be certain that it is God’s will to heal them by reading the will and finding out for themselves what rightfully belongs to them. The only time it is acceptable to pray “if it be thy will” is when they do not know the will. When it comes to healing, it is not acceptable to pray that way because healing the sick is clearly the will of God. The two instructions in James 5:13 and 5:14 are not contradicting each other because the word “afflicted” in the Greek has no reference whatever to physical disability but to trouble, persecution, hardship or tribulation. The word sick (vs. 14) does however refer to physical sickness and disability.

F.F. Bosworth quoted in ”Christ the Healer” saying “before you can have a steadfast faith for the healing of your body, you must be rid of all uncertainty concerning God’s will in the matter.”

Christians are cheated out of the benefits of redemption by believing that their sickness is to test them or that he they must prove their faith in it. Another reason is that many teachers and preachers misinterpret Psalms 34:19 and making it applicable to sickness and disease. The traditional false teaching is that Christians need to be faithful in sickness in order to be used by God to bring healing to others, they falsely teach that we should be like Job. We need to be aware that Christ redeemed us from sickness and sickness is not the will of God, a thorn in the flesh or a tool used by God to teach us.

Confession in the Greek means: saying the same thing or saying what God says, it implies that we as Christians need to agree with and line up our words with His Word. Say what He says concerning your Salvation, your healing, your victories. It is talking the language of the Bible at all times. Christians must believe in the substitution de ath of Jesus on the Cross and that Jesus bore their sickness so they would not have to. We are free from having to bear them.

Real Bible Faith is taking God at His Word and stepping out upon His promise with all confidence and sincerity, without a doubt or fear. Real faith does not waver when things do not look like the Word says they are. Sense evidence is believing what the 5 physical senses are saying rather than what God’s Word says, the results are frustration.

If believers would hold fast to their confession, F.F. Bosworth says they can be devil masters over night. The two great powers that are engaged in a struggle over mankind is Jesus and His Kingdom versus the devil and his kingdom. Life vs. de ath, sickness vs. health, poverty vs. being rich and fully provided for. The enemy and his kingdom want to steal, k ill, and destroy and keep people from the Kingdom of God and its benefits. God’s desire is for all to be saved and come to the knowledge of the Truth.

The devil wants to keep people from Christ and ignorant of what belongs to them in Christ. The Truth is that the Kingdom of Light Shines and cannot be put out, The Kingdom of God Reigns over All and God’s Dominion endureth forever, We are victorious and are not fighting to win but enforcing the victory already won at the cross, with the resurrection power given to us.

Demons are evil spirits without bodies, they seek bodies so that they may express themselves, usually they are expressing themselves through the unsaved, but can oppress and put pressure and attack on Christians, especially if the Christian is not living right (in sin) and deceived.

The seven characteristics/manifestations of demons are:
1. Demons talk
2. Demons are intelligent
3. Demons resist surrender
4. Demons may call for reinforcements
5. Demons may occupy alone or united
6. Demons recognize AND OBEY those who have power over them
7. Demons are the cause of disease

The first steps to the children of Israel’s Deliverance was to apply the blo od of the lamb and the second was to eat the flesh of the lamb. The blo od was applied to the doorposts of their home, identifying themselves with the Blo od Covenant of protection they have with God, and forbidding the de stroyer from coming in.

The second step was to eat the flesh of the roasted lamb appropriating physical strength to the ones who are it. These elements both symbolize the body and the blo od of Jesus, and the steps we take for our deliverance and protection today through remembering the Work of the Cross, The Lamb of God Jesus Christ and doing it by The Lord’s Supper.

The seven enemies of faith are:
1. Desiring to read about the Word, instead of reading the Word itself.
2. Ignorance of what believing is
3. Having the wrong confession
4. Hope is never faith
5. Praying FOR faith
6. Mentally agreeing with the word
7. Depending on the faith of others

Faith in God’s Word is believing that we have it NOW, Hope in God’s Word is believing that we will have it some day.

God’s seven Redemptive names are:
Jehovah Shammah: The Lord is There, Jesus said He is with us always…
Jehovah Shalom: The Lord our Peace, through the blo od of the Cross we have Peace with God….
Jehovah Raah: The Lord is my Shepherd, Jesus gave His life for the sheep and became the Good Shepherd…
Jehovah Jireh: The Lord will Provide, Christ was the Offering that provided our complete redemption…
Jehovah Nissi: The Lord our banner, our Victory, by the Cross Christ Triumphed over principalities and powers, Christ is our Victory…
Jehovah Tsidkenu: The Lord our Righteousness, Christ has been made unto us Righteousness…
Jehovah Rapha: The Lord our Healer (Physician, Doctor) Christ took our infirmities and borne our sicknesses…

Two errors are:
1. Not receiving correct teaching about healing before prayer is made for healing,
2. After someone by faith receives their healing they should be followed up with encouragement from the Word to securing their healing, The Church does this for new believers why not for those who just received their healing by faith. Unbelief is sin, it is war against the very law of being

Life’s greatest question is :
“what must I do be saved?
The answer is : believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and you will be Saved. If you confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus, and believe in your heart that God raised Jesus Christ from the , You Shall Be Saved, for Whosoever calls on the Name of the Lord shall be saved.
Believe that you are valuable as God’s creation, Know that distrusting God’s Word is the original and basic problem. Believe that God Loved and valued you too much to let you die. Know why Jesus came and died as your substitute. Understand the reason for Christ’s , burial and resurrection. Believe the Gospel and receive Jesus Christ in Person Now. Disavowing God’s Integrity is doubting His Word and is sin and the result is spiritual leading to physical . The results are that the conscious is calloused and dignity is desecrated.

Quotes from T.L. Osborn

“when you have faith, you no longer moan and groan; you praise and rejoice. Faith talks positively. Faith sings joyfully. Faith prays confidently.

“read the will take advantage of it. Claim its benefits. Use your rights declared in it. All heaven stands ready to enforce every covenant right of yours, when you dare to be bold in claiming them."

“I found that when faith is acted, in spite of every contradictory sense, God will always fulfill His Word, and make it good to us."

“real faith is taking God at His Word and stepping out upon His promise with all confidence and sincerity, without a doubt or fear."

“The message of substitution is that Christ bore our sins so that we need not bear them, but be saved from them. In the same way, Christ bore our sickness so that we need not bear them, but be healed of them."

”the fact is, you are not waiting for God to heal you. God is waiting for you to accept the healing He has already provided for."

“God wants you to discover that you have power over the devil. God wants you to know that you have power over sickness, that you are a victor, that you are a Conquorer, that you can rebuke disease and sickness and see the symptoms melt away."

“every Christian has equal rights, and it is God’s Will and desire that each of His children claim and accept all of His blessings."

“Faith will always move the hand of God. Faith always posses. Faith is a persistant force. Faith relies on the ability of God. Faith knows no defeat. Faith thrives on a test. Faith never argues. Faith never gets excited and nervous. Faith never brags on itself. Faith never trembles. Faith is never overpowered. Faith accepts God‘s Word as final”

“You have authority. God is backing you. You are bold. You speak God’s language as commonly as unbelievers talk their fears.”

“When we pick up the Bible, it would be good to remember that it is the book with God and Life in it.”

“If sickness is of God than doctors would be of the devil because they are trying to get rid of sickness.”

“(healing) It is bestowed upon the whole church as one of its ministries and gifts until Jesus comes (1Corin. 12:9-10)"

“Since Jesus Christ suffered the penalty you deserved, and since He did it on your behalf, you are no longer guilty before God and need never be judged for any sin you have ever committed.”

“the finest way to say thanks to God for the gift of His Life is to share this happy information with others.”

“If Christians can be convinced that they can do what God says they can do, and that they are what God says they are, another great day of triumphant victory, like those witnessed by the early church will inevitably be the result.”

“sin and sickness are intimately connected throughout the scriptures. From both sin and sickness, we have redemption through the that was shed and the stripes borne by Jesus.”

“any believer can lay hands on the sick, and the promise is: They shall recover”

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