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How to be led by the Holy Spirit of God to Fulfill the Vision

by: Rev. Jonathan Doctor


Question: How many of you would like to fulfill the Vision God has called you to?


I am sure every one of you would raise your hand to be sure. It is very very important to learn to recognize the Voice of God and obey His Voice. It is so Vitaly Important to Hear Divine Instruction from the One Who Performs All things (Psalms 57:2).


Deut. 28:1-2 says that when we Hearken (Hear and do, Hear and Obey) The Voice of the Lord Our God than All the Blessings Will OverTake us... How many want to be Overtaken with the Blessings of God while you fulfill the Vision He has given you? Well I want to share with you things that will Equip you to get into a position to Hear From God and Do what He said and Reap All the Blessings as You FulFill Your Divine Destiny For the Kingdom Of God!


Every one wants to be able to Fulfill the Vision that God gave them, we cannot unless we learn how to recognize the voice of God. Once we recognize His Voice we then must obey His instructions. God has Divine Instructions for you to fullfill His purpose for your life. God has Inside Information available to those who will tap into it.


I. Review: When God speaks, something is going to happen. (Deut. 28:2,15)


A. When you do what God speaks something always happens.

B. When you donít do what God says something will happen.

1. Obey or disobey something will happen.

2. It is your choice as to what you do.


II. Good Information


A. God uses us as instruments or vessels of His Anointing. (Romans 6:13)

1. The Anointing is to remove burdens and destroy yokes. (Isaiah 10: )

B. Prayer, praise and worship will always usher in the Presence of the Holy Spirit.

C. Praying in the Holy Spirit will cause:

1. Your spirit to be built up.

2. Things to change.

D. You can make yourself available to the Holy Spirit, and hear Him more clearly by:

1. Praying in the Holy Ghost.

2. Staying built up in the Word.

3. Getting into His presence.


III. Vision. (Proverbs 29:18 Psalms 37:23-25)


A. When God gives you a vision and purpose He will always show you how to accomplish it.

B. To complete a vision you must have short term goals.

C. To complete goals you must have steps.

D. A different word for vision would be target or assignment. (Long term goals)

E. Satan will always try to get you to quit and stop short of your vision.

F. Success will require work and the word to complete what God has called you to do.


IV. When you get a vision from God itís not always visual, something you see with your eyes, it can be something that He speaks to you or something He has put in your heart to accomplish.

A. When God speaks be sure to write the vision ( God-Given purpose and desire) down on paper and run with it. (Habakkuk 2:1-4)

B. Every Vision has an appointed time (set time, due season) that the vision will speak and come to pass.

C. Do whatever you can do to bring the vision that God has given you to come to pass.

D. It will take living by faith to get the vision God has given you to come to pass. (Habakkuk 2:4)


V. Can the devil use Christians to come against your Vision? (John 10:5,10)

A. Yes, the Devil will use anyone who will yield to him (knowingly or unknowingly).

B. When God tells you something or gives you a vision donít share it with just anyone.

C. Sometimes the devil doesnít know your vision until you open your mouth.

1. He canít read your mind but he can hear what you say.

2. The devil will try to steal and destroy youíre vision in itís early stages.

3. It is easier to steal and destroy a vision in itís baby stage then when it is full grown.


VI. God will lead you by your desires. (Philippians 2:13 )


A. If your desires are in line with the Word of God, He can use them.

1. God put that in your heart.


VI. What do you do when you work for a group of people that donít receive your ideas and vision.


A. If the vision is going a way that you canít go with that organization then you need to check with God and see if you really supposed to be there.

B. You canít go against the chain of command.


VII. If God tells you to say something to someone and they donít receive it, what do you do?


A. You only do what God tells you to do and what they do or do not do with it doesnít affect you.

B. If God tells us something about someone, we need to know if God wants us to share it with them or not.

1. Sometimes He shows us things because He knows we will pray about it, and not blab it.

2. As Watchmen God will show the Intercessor things that He can not share with other Christians, simply because He can trust that to the one who will Obey and Pray.

3. But if He wants you to speak to the person than you must obey.

C. God would rather deal with people through their spirit (heart) and not through another person.

D. Listen to God through your spirit for God to tell you something, donít always look to other people. Donít run from ďprophetĒ to ďprophetĒ instead pray in the Holy Ghost, read Godís Word and listen to what The Spirit of God says to you directly.

E. Make sure if someone gives you a word from the Lord that:

1. It lines up with the Word of God.

2. It bears witness with your spirit.

F. The Holy Spirit will not manipulate you He will lead you and guide you.