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Eternity is Calling
By: Rev. Jonathan Doctor
Eternity is Calling you! For the sake of the harvest, for the sake of the lost souls on this earth.
Its time for the Body of Christ to get our minds on Eternal issues... On other souls besides ourselves. As I hear God's Voice in these last days I sense the Calling of God so strong, I sense the urgency of the hour to win the lost at any cost. I sense the Leading of the Holy Spirit as our Joshua leading us to the promised land... I sense He is leading the Whole body of Christ to win souls... not just the leadership, not just the Evangelist... But every believer....
As I hear God's voice and direction... I see a disobedient church compromising "In His Name" . If you go to a Christian book store you can see every subject in books, DVD's CD's etc... Except Soulwinning... We (as a Christians) have become a Me First religion... no submission or obedience to Jesus' Mandate to Evangelize...
Lets face it Evangelism could be scary... I know I was and am attacked with fear when I set my focus to do it... but lets turn those times of fear into Prayer and Faith... What ever scares you about talking to a person without Christ (sinner) pray about it, give it to God, ask Him to Help you...
The urgency is clear in these last days, we must get rid of all personal barriors to evangelism and be obedient to the Son of God.
Eternity is Calling
Will you hear the Call? The Eternal One Jehovah is Calling the soul of man... He is calling the sinner to Jesus... but He is Calling the church to the Call to be Soulwinners...
Its time we get focused on the Eternal things that will last forever... we will not bring our Houses, cars or money to the eternal place, only souls... Eternity is Calling!  There is a Real Eternal Heaven, and unfortunetly there is a Real Eternal Hell. There are Real Eternal Flames of God in the Hearts of those called by God. There is also a Real Eternal Flame for those who die without The Christ...
Eternity - The Eternal God is Calling us to enlist in the ministry of Reconciliation, The Eternal One is Also calling sinners to Jesus Chrst to be washed in His and cleansed from the stench of sin.
Will you hear the call to help the Eternal One save souls from hell? Do you want to hear "Well done good and faithful servant"?
Take head to the Call, Live for Jesus Christ, Committ and stay faithful at all times... Be Faithful and committed to the Eternal Call
If you have not accepted Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior yet and you are Hearing the Eternal One's Call Take Heed today:
Click on link below for a Gospel Presentation. Accept the call today.
2 Tim. 2:1-
1 JOhn 2:15-17
Luke 16:15
Luke 14:26
Matt. 7:21-23
1 Corin. 6:19
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