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The Names of God

17 Names for God from the Hebrew scriptures


Psa 100:4  Enter into his gates with thanksgiving, [and] into his courts with praise: be thankful unto him, [and] bless his name.


Exodus 20:24 GNB….. in every place where I have put the memory of my name, I will come to you and give you my blessing.


MSG …Every place where I cause my name to be honored in your worship, I'll be there myself and bless you.


1.      Elohim, meaning “God” a reference to God’s power and might (Genesis 1:1  Psalms 19:1)

2.      Adonai, meaning “Lord” or “Master” a reference to the Lordship of God (Malachi 1:6)

3.      Yahweh, (Jehovah) a reference to God’s Divine Salvation  (Genesis 2:4)

4.      Yahweh-Maccaddeshem, meaning “The Lord thy sanctifier” (Exodus 31:13)

5.      Yahweh-Rohi, meaning “The Lord my Shepherd” (Psalms 23:1)

6.      Yahweh-Shammah, meaning “The Lord who is present” (Ezekiel 48:35)

7.      Yahweh-Rophe meaning “The Lord our Healer” (Exodus 15:26)

8.      Yahweh-Tsidkenu, meaning “The Lord our righteousness” (Jeremiah 23:6)

9.      Yahweh-Jireh, meaning “The Lord will provide” (Genesis 22:13-14)

10.  Yahweh-Nissi, meaning “The Lord our banner (Victory)” (Exodus 17:15)

11.  Yahweh-Shalom meaning “The Lord is Peace” or “The Lord who Prospers” or “The Lord our Health” or “The Lord of Wholeness” (prosperity, health and wholeness) (Judges 6:24)

12.  Yahweh-Sabbaoth, meaning “The Lord of Hosts” (Isaiah 6:1-3)

13.  El-Elyon, meaning “The Most High God” (Genesis 14:17-20 & Isaiah 14:13-14)

14.  El-Roi, meaning “ The Strong one who sees” (Genesis 16:12)

15. El-Shaddai, meaning “The God of the mountains” or “God Almighty” who is More than enough

     (Genesis 17:1  Psalms 91:1)

16. El-Olam, meaning “The Everlasting God” (Isaiah 40:28-31)

17. Yahweh Gmolah, meaning “The Lord who rewards” (Jer. 51:56)


Other names that God calls Himself:


1. I AM  (Exodus 3:14)

2. The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob (Exodus 3:15)

3. The Lord Thy Redeemer (Isaiah 44:24)

4. The Lord that makes all things (Isaiah 44:24)

5. The Lord Thy Savior  (Isaiah 49:26)

6. The Mighty One of Jacob  (Isaiah 49:26)

7. The Lord that teaches thee to profit (Isaiah 48:17)

8. The Lord that leads thee (Isaiah 48:17)

9. The Holy One of Israel (Isaiah 48:17)


Psa 135:3  Praise the LORD; for the LORD [is] good: sing praises unto his name; for [it is] pleasant.