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Biblical Evangelism

notes from the book "Soul Winning" by T.L. Osborn


Reading Highlights and Quotes from the Author


Ÿ         Pg. V The seven reasons why every believer should be a soul winner are:

1) Jesus was a Soul winner

2) The Harvest is so great.

3) The Laborers are so few.

4) Christ’s great Commission. (not suggestion)

5) Unfulfilled prophecies.

6) The blood of the unconverted.

7) What we (T.L. and Daisy) have experience.


Ÿ         Pg. 31. “Much prayer time is wasted by people asking God for two things that He will never do:

1) They ask Him to do what He has already done.

2) They ask Him to do what He has told them to do.


Ÿ         The Holy Spirit is not a heavenly agent that we can dispatch to accomplish our missions in life. He functions through us as believers.


Ÿ         Pg. 41 “Many good people have become so absorbed in their desire for spiritual depth that they have forgotten that the true ministry of believers is to witness of Christ and to win people to Him.”


Ÿ         Pg. 42. “If the only evidence that I had been baptized in the Holy Ghost has been speaking in other tongues, I would not be satisfied.”


Ÿ         Pg. 43. “This is the purpose of the baptism of the Holy Ghost - to empower gospel believers to witness convincingly that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God, the Savior of the world, risen from the dead and is the author and mediator of redemption.”


Ÿ         Pg. 58. The difference between Revival and evangelism  is:

Revival is for the church and evangelism of the lost is the end result. Revival is reviving something that had Life before. You cannot revive what never had Life in it. We cannot revive the lost because they are dead, born dead and will go to hell unless revival comes to a Christian and they evangelize them and bring that Life, present Eternal Life to them through the Gospel.


Ÿ         Pg. 61. “If the testimony of Christ is only shared within the walls of the sanctuary, then the majority of unconverted people will never discover Christ in their lives because they will not be present.” (at your church).”


Ÿ         Pg. 65-67 The church in the book of Acts had “The 20 20 Vision” where they went out where the people were, work, play.. Daily and from house to house. (Acts 20:20) (The Book of Action)



Share the Good News and Go tell somebody

Since the beginning God had a ministry of Reconciliation. Since the Beginning God had a ministry to reach out to the lost and dying humanity.. Ever since man sinned in the garden, God ministered to him with the purpose of reconciling... God approached a sinner and said "Where art thou?"

The Holy Spirit began His ministry of convicting the world of sin, righteousness and of judgment (John 16:7-11). In the ages before the flood God had a ministry to the lost, in every dispensation, as long as there is a lost sinner God will continue His ministry to them...

God is not willing that they perish but that they should come to repentance (2 Peter 3:9)

Noah repented and found Grace/Favor in the eyes of the Lord (Gen. 6:8)

God's ministry of reaching out to the lost will continue today through His People with His Spirit - the church - The Lord Jesus Christ gave His people a Great Commission and the Ability to fulfill that Commission. Yet today 95% of the church membership have never won a soul to Christ...

If those 95% have God's Spirit in them then they should have a concern and a Love and Compassion - a passion towards the lost.

Many of the church today (95%) are more concerned about themselves, their positions and reputation. Our Bible says from the mouth of Jesus that if we are ashamed of Him than on the day of Judgment He will be ashamed of us...

God has Given US HIS MINISTRY of reconciliation (2 corin. 5:17-21) He has committed to us His Word of Reconciliation. We are accountable and responsible to share this Word - the Good News - to the lost.

The Gospel is Good News, - its the Good News of Christ and what He did to reconcile us to God and His Blessings... Reconciliation means: to be restored back to the Favor of God...

Lets get busy sharing the Good News.