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Biblical Deliverance

Our God is a Delivering God, He can Deliver from anything! Whosoever shall call on the Name of the Lord shall be Delivered!


Jesus our Deliverer


Ex. 3:6-9  Luke 1:73-74  Psalms 34:15,17  Acts 10:38  Luke 4:



I. Deliverance is a part of the Gospel that we preach. (Rom. 10:9-

            A. Deliverance comes with the presence of the Lord.

            B. Deliverance is the Will of God

            C. Jesus did the Will of God. (Acts 10:38   1 John 3:8)

            D. Jesus is alive and still healing, delivering and setting people free today.  (Heb.   )


II. Purpose for deliverance (Luke 1:73-74)

            A. To be free from bondage so we may serve and worship God without fear all the days of our lives. (Ex. 2:     Heb. 2:14-    )


III. You are equipped to set the captives free. (John 14:12-14  2 Cor. 3:5-6)

            A. The same anointing that was upon Jesus is available to be upon you too. ( Luke 24:48 Acts 1:8)

            B. You can receive by faith; through the laying on of hands the baptism of the Holy Spirit and gifts of the Spirit with power to set people free. 


IV. How do you do it? (Luke 10:17-19)

            A. Use your authority with words (Matt. 17:15-21  Matt. 8:16 Matt. 12:28 )


V. Maintain your deliverance. (Matt. 12:43-45  Luke 11:24-27   1 Peter 5:8-9  James 4:7 Matt. 16:19   Isaiah 61:3)

            A. Submit yourself totally to God, live holy, resist the devil and he will flee.

            B. Speak the word of God concerning what Jesus has done for you IN CHRIST.

            C. Speak what the Word of God says concerning what the blood of Jesus has done for you.

            D. Praise the Lord always


VI. Jesus our Deliverer  (Acts 10:38   Rom 10:9-12   Gal. 3  )