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It is good to sign my book, but is your name in the Lamb's Book of Life? Thats the book that counts... Eternity is calling YOU to get your name in the Lamb's Book of Life. Very soon The King of Kings and Lord of Lords is going to do a Role Call, will He call your name? If you are not sure than please click on to this link and read about God's Plan of Salvation and pray the prayer. Get your name in the Lamb's Book of Life.  

Click here to be sure 

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Reply Opal Clark
3:13 AM on June 10, 2016 
Wonderful website. Enjoy reading all the articles. Will visit often. Thanks..
Reply keijo
5:22 AM on September 26, 2013 
God is with us like with Josua and his family and we wil confes only Jesus bloods victory in salvation not false doctrine ,amen and amen,thanks and bless and pray,keijo sweden
Reply keijo
8:17 AM on July 11, 2013 
Hello again in peace and harmony for care in the Lord and i am so hopeful today for our good the future with grace and with the Holy Spirit with blessing and new life in heavenly realms and the power ,thanks and bless in healingo over us ,keijo sweden
Reply Birthday gift Pakistan
3:57 AM on December 28, 2012 
I really like this website, and hope you will write more, thanks a lot for your information.
Reply keijo
10:12 AM on November 22, 2011 
Let the fire from God be with us today in the light with passion that serve the Lord in new out pouring of the HOly Siprit and joy and be great in deeds of promise of the Lord and celebrate for gospel in evry the Chruch around the world in Jesus bloods victory,thanks and bless,keijo sweden
Reply Debra Santa Ines
5:25 PM on June 28, 2011 
I am happy to sign your book because you are very loved and minister to my heart and life. I am very certain my name is written in the book of Life and without question I have a deeply committed, disciplined, personal relationship with Jesus Christ my Lord and Savior. I love Him! He has cared more for us than we at times could have cared for ourselves...He is around the clock care.
Reply atmormous
11:04 AM on April 9, 2011 
I?ve been visiting your blog for a while now and I always find a gem in your new posts. Thanks for sharing.
Reply Susan Inggrid
1:11 AM on April 1, 2011 
We are the body of Christ, and members individually....
for edifying of the body of Christ till we all come to the unity of faith...
Let us serve Him in unity...
God bless your ministry!
Reply ArosseDof
1:08 PM on January 22, 2011 
I just sent this post to a bunch of my friends as I agree with most of what you?re saying here and the way you?ve presented it is awesome.
Reply repocars8375
9:19 PM on November 10, 2010 
I?ve been visiting your blog for a while now and I always find a gem in your new posts. Thanks for sharing.
Reply keijo
4:35 AM on October 15, 2010 
Thank you Lord for you are with us in fight against sin and against our enemies!"
I am so thanksfukl for the light inmy life from Jesusa ndhis amazing the cross who I will love and be thanksful more and more and joy of warm peace and comforting time after time ,thanks and bles and pray,keijo sweden
Reply sonneandgone
8:53 AM on August 26, 2010 
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Reply mzinalag
3:50 PM on August 23, 2010 
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Reply emestashy
9:38 AM on July 12, 2010 
Hello Everyone, I'm not brand new to the website but I thought now was as good as time as any to say howdy, so.. well hey :)
Reply pastor R.Raphael
2:19 PM on June 3, 2010 
Dear brother ,
My name is pastor R. Raphael I am working here in Pakistan some
congregations and some pastors we want affiliation with any church
ministres .Pleas pray for this work of God.
Your brother in Christ
pastor R.Raphael
Reply Br Joey Houston
6:44 AM on April 13, 2010 
God bless you & keep working for da Lord as he is soon coming! Much luv in Christ, Bro Joey (old friend)
Reply BibleGuy
9:26 AM on January 6, 2010 
Keep up the good work on your site :roll:

:arrow: Http:// :D
Reply Pastor Ravi Daniel
10:02 AM on December 5, 2009 
" Freely you have received, freely give " (Matthew 10:8)

"And I will give you pastors according to mine heart, which shall feed you with knowledge and understanding."
( Jeremiah 3:15 KJV)

Life in the way of "Jesus Christ"
Hi God bless you dear Friends
Me Ravi Daniel from Faisalabad Pakistan .
We Invite you that you come in Pakistan and organized your crusade and all your activity about life in ?Jesus Christ? .Give chance see our work in Pakistan.
Dear Friends in Christ God give you a way that you come in Pakistan and organized your crusade because thousands of Jesus Christian people waiting your crusade. Dear brothers we have a big security team in Pakistan and my Father is a In-charge of security team.
Dear our 53 member?s team already provide security in Crusade and also our team organized crusade and they crusade who arrange our team that?s very successful in Pakistan .we provide ground, Stadium, Conveyance Facility and all other things.
?Dear Friends if you not want come in Pakistan this year kindly come In next year because thousands of people waiting you?
Give your life in the way of Jesus.
And we provide all type of security and all type of things.
We are waiting your reply.
Jesus gives you a way Please pick a way and work in Jesus Christ.
God help you every time
Pakistan needs Jesus and it was among the Christian that I found air I could breathe and peace that was real.

?Thousands of People waiting you.?
Christ is Coming Soon! Time is Running Out Fast! Win Souls for Christ!
"With God all things are possible." (Matthew 19:26)
Reply keijo
12:44 PM on October 7, 2009 
And love will greatest of all,so much the God loves the world that he gave His Only begotten Son,who ever believe in him ,not perish, but have evelasting life." ths amazing miracle and rich love and hope with joy gavre the Lord to us daily,so joy and find peace more and more,thanks and bless and pray for me and for gospel,keijo sweden
Reply Very nice site!
2:27 AM on October 2, 2009 
Very nice site!
Reply Pastor Richard Nguti Wanyonyi
12:26 PM on September 5, 2009 
It is a blessing and encouraging site.May God's words and spirit dwell in you richly.
pastor Richard
Reply Wafula Joshua
5:42 AM on August 18, 2009 
Dear Brother Dr. Jonathan
Greeatings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Thanks for your taking part in praying for me to the needs or requests i sent to you God bless you so much.
Let the Lord expand you ministry to serve others as well as the way you have served me.
Reply Pastor. K. Kumar Raju
5:39 AM on June 28, 2009 
Dear Brother Dr. Jonathan,
Greetings to you in the Name of our
Lord Jesus Christ. This is Pastor K. Kumar Raju from
India , willing to invite you to visit us and to
minister God here in India with us either in an
outreach or in a pastor's conference, or else in
open Gospel crusades. Please let us know your vision
for India , and willingness to minister God with us.
Remember that India is a big nation and a Gospel needy
nation. Please respond us as soon as possible. May
God be with us to build His great kingdom on this
earth strongly. For any christian events please pray and consider for God's glory. We love your investments for the Kingdom of God and for the perishing souls.

Pray for our Jesus For All Generations Ministries.

Pastor. Kumar Raju.

00 91 9908731677. cell.
Reply c.charles finny
11:51 PM on May 27, 2009 
praise the lord i like to join your ministry pastor. thank you.
pastor c.charles finny, pastor, india.
Reply Veronica Persaud
10:46 AM on May 5, 2009 
I am from Ontario, Canada
Reply wycliffe khaemba
11:09 AM on April 25, 2009 
Hello Dr.Jothanan
I am blessed and motivated,inspired after visiting your friendly website that has touching messages for generation.
Pastor Khaemba
Reply pastor Martin Appah
1:22 PM on March 26, 2009 
my name is Pastor Martin Appah From Ghana,i was blessed by your ministry when i visite your website .I believe this is ministry that the world waiting for,i can not wait to see you in Ghana-AFRICA
Reply Beryo Villadares
11:18 PM on March 11, 2009 
Dear Dr. Jonathan Doctor,
Thank you so much for your very kind words to me.How happy i am also to know from you for interest and willingness to help me to increase my Knowledge of Christ Jesus.
I really enjoy so much to study the teaching in your website I thank God so much that He lead me to your website, Your website is such blessing here in the Philippines. Actually when i study your teaching in your website your teachings have lifted me out of spiritual poverty and have brought my mind into line with my heart of love, for God. I heartily recommend them. Previous confusion has fled..
God bless you and your family and ministry.

In Christ,
Reply Charlotte Guilmenot
8:31 PM on January 24, 2009 
Very informative website....really enjoyed browsing through and reading various topics. God's blessings as you continue to distribute His Word!
Reply oluseyi olanrewaju
11:06 AM on August 21, 2008 
you have a lovely site and i appreciate the life-building contents. please keep it up. God bless you.
Reply John Sorensen
7:09 PM on May 5, 2008 
I visited your website for the first time yesterday. I said the prayer and rededicated my life to Jesus Christ. Thanks for the church recommendation, for Living Word Christian Center. However, I started attending Calvary Worship Center, and am going to stay there. God bless you!
Reply dmfirth
5:36 PM on March 28, 2008 
very good thank you for shering :tongue:
Reply john penney
3:08 PM on January 2, 2008 
Your website is good
Reply James M Nyabongo
5:46 AM on December 26, 2007 
Dear in Christ Jesus, Dr. Jonathan.
Thank you so much for your kind response in writing to share. Am from the southwest part of Kenya, in the continent Africa.
Here I briefly write you of our prayer requests.
Please we kindly ask for your prayers God to provide us teaching materials from you ministry and Bibles for our studies and discussions. We also ask you to pray God to go before us and provide you a means to travel out to come and teach us more on the truthful ways of the wealth word God according to the ministry of the Family of Faith the Lord has given you.
Is a pastor who is Undenominational Faith Christian believer of Jesus Christ.
Thank you for the good word of faith that you are sharing in your web page and please would like you to send us your teaching materials by postal mailing address as we can not be able to down load and make print outs for our use and in sharing with others.
Thank you may God be with you all that you are doing for His glory.
I wish you avery blessed new happy year 2008 .
Thank you for your attention and until I hear from you it is my prayer God to go always before us as we serve Him faithfully for His glory.
James M Nyabongo , P.o box 21 , Ogembo 40204, Kenya.
Reply Doc
1:03 PM on December 17, 2007 
:)Praise God, God has called each and every one of to these Last Days... Eternity is calling - lets answer the Call and share The Gospel of Grace to this world.