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The Transfer of Anointing

“The Transfer of Anointing”
By Jonathan Doctor

    I have the best news for those who desire to be used by God. That news is that the same anointing that was displayed in the ministry of Jesus is available to you as well. The Anointing is the Power of God given to meet the needs of hurting humanity. The Anointing is tangible, it is transferable. The Transfer of power, authority and anointing is available to you today.
    In the Beginning God transferred His Authority, Power and Anointing to Adam, to Noah, to Abraham and to Moses and Joshua. The Anointing was transferred down the line, Elijah, Elisha, Gideon, Sampson, David etc.. Through out Bible history we see the Anointing being transferred down from one generation to another, from one servant of God to another.
    When Jesus walked on this earth He was anointed to heal, deliver and set men free from the works of the devil. Jesus went everywhere healing the sick, casting out devils, raising the d e a d  and setting the captives free.
    Before Jesus was taken up into heaven, He said that it was better that He went away so that the Holy Spirit could come. On the Day of Pentecost Jesus Transferred the Anointing that He had to His disciples. We see the same anointing that was operating in  Jesus’ ministry operating in those who believed.
    Just like Elijah went away and Elisha received a double portion. Likewise Jesus went away and the church received the same anointing, but this anointing was to do the works of Jesus and greater. This same anointing is not limited to just one physical body of Jesus but this Anointing has been transferred to all who believe. A double portion.
    Just like God anointed Jesus of Nazareth with the Holy Ghost and Power to go about to do good and heal all that were oppressed of the devil, to destroy the works of the enemy, so He has made that anointing available to you. First John 2:20 says that we have an anointing, vs. 27 says that anointing is in us. This burden removing yoke destroying anointing is in us. As we Receive the Baptism of the Holy Ghost, we too have received the transfer of this anointing for this generation.
    Just like we see the Anointing operating in Jesus, Peter, Paul, Phillip and Stevens life we can expect that same anointing to operate in our life and ministry as we Go in Jesus‘ Name. The law of Association works with the anointing as well. As we associate with the Word of God and one another the anointing will rub off on each other.
    As we see this anointing operating in men and woman of our day, servants of God like Smith Wigglesworth, Charles Finney, Oral Roberts, Kenneth Hagin, Kenneth Copeland, Jerry Savelle etc. the Anointing to heal and deliver and set men free is here and available to your ministry. The purpose of this anointing is to Set the captives free and meet the needs of hurting humanity.
    The Anointing was transferred by the way of the laying on of hands, by oil, by touch, by cloths, and by words. Every point of contact was by faith. Power and anointing is available to us in this generation. Miracle energy is available, the Ability of God is available. God needs us to be His “delivery boys” of His Anointing. God needs us to carry this Anointing to this generation.
    Like electricity needs a breaker box to light up the house, we are that breaker box to transfer and bring the electricity of God’s Power and Anointing to this generation, to bring Life and Love and Anointing to this hurting generation. Christ means Anointed One, and we are Christians, we are little Anointed ones.
    The Anointing is not limited to Apostles or special select few, but to all who believe, to all who be willing to bring this anointing to others.
Transfer of Anointing scriptural evidence:
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Genesis 12:1-3       Abraham
Exodus 9:16,23  Exodus 14:21-22   Moses
Numbers 27:22-23  Moses to Joshua
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2 Kings chapters 2through 13 13:20-21 Elisha
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Luke 9:1-2,6   Matt. 10:1   to His disciples
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Acts 6:8 Stephen
Acts 8:6-7  Philip
Acts 19:11  Paul to others
Mark 16:15-18,20  John 14:12-14 Mark 11:22-24  Acts 1:8  to all those who believe in all generations